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                       About Us

                      Henan Xinyi Medicine group Fine Chemical Industry Company LTD. is a subjection enterprise of Xinyi Medicine Group. It is cocated in Muye foughten field and convenientlly abouts on the Beijing-Guangzhou Railway. National road 107 and Beijing-Zhujiang Highway. Our company established in 1993. Covers an area of 4000 square meters, with construction area of 2600 square meters. The number of its staff and workers is more than 120,six of them have got the senior titles, Fourteen are professional and technical personnel.
                      Our company is mainly engaged in the production of vitaminnicotinic acid. This production has been developed from 100 tons in early days t0 600 tons today

                       Contact Us
                      Henan Xinyi Medicine Group Fine Chemical Industry Company Ltd.
                      E-mail:[email protected]
                      AddNorth Qin Village,Xiaoji Town,Xinxiang,Henan,China


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